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ajnin with 29 entries
Left Hand Patch with 28 entries
NoneFuckingHeavier with 24 entries
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Recent Comments

  • :) one of my favorite albums
  • This record and nightrages first, blew me away... Where did you get it?
  • Sorry mate :( But thanks and good luck!
  • Musical-hall? They have really good shirts :) like the sacramentum shirt
  • And terribly underrated :(
  • Yeahh from osmose :) where did you get yours?
  • Fantastic layout and color coordination!
  • Nice !!! Another rarity. It's amazing how you find them in this condition.
  • Thanks man I got the patch as a trade off for some beard product. Pretty great trade
  • That be'lakor patch is sweet. So much Aussie greatness.
  • Yeah man, very rare
  • Awesome record.
  • Did you get it from Osmose? I'm thinking about buying this one too for a full Seth collection.
  • me too!
  • That's different. Not sure how fitting it is for the band, but it stands out.
  • Great Work!! Killer Jacket!!
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