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glam or thrash

no karate in pit
Wed, 18/01/2023 - 19:04

the 80s was a time for metal most never forget and many genres were born in this time.but 2 genres stuck out the most glam metal and thrash now im wondering which team are you guys on

no karate in pit's picture

thrash metal all the way for me,

fuck motley crue for giving the worst show killing razzle and just being shitheads

Schizo's picture

but don't you have motley stuff in ur collection??

no karate in pit's picture

yeah only cause i got it at before the show afterwards i was mad at motley never the less they made it on my jacket, they make good music but they are shitty people

Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

I do like both but there's definitely some glam stuff that sucks really hard. There's some bad thrash metal too but that's usually just boring not annoying like the worst of glam.

Lord Cthulhu's picture

To be fair, there was some absolute shite in both genres but the best of the best in each produced some excellent bands. How to choose - well, when I was a student glam metal gigs were a good way to meet girls, whereas thrash gigs were full of sweaty blokes. So whilst musically I'd go for thrash every time, the benefits of a good hair metal/glam metal gig were pretty obvious too! Of course, as a married man now I'd take a good thrash album over a good glam album any day!

no karate in pit's picture

im seeing thrash as the winner so far

bad_american1992's picture

I like the vocals in Glam Metal a lot better, thrash vocals usually lean towards atonality (with exceptions of course)

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture


Morbid_pizza_eater53's picture

there is no bad genres, there are shitty bands in everyone. i'd rather listen motley crue and wasp than some boring thrash metal bands

Mikko M.'s picture


meaningless's picture

perfect - nothing to add.

Kathulex's picture

Glam, easy pussy

no karate in pit's picture

im confused

Kathulex's picture

Glam attracts girls and guys that look like girls. I enjoy both so it's a good place for hookups.

Thrash is better musically ofc but I go to thrash gigs to get sloshed and moshed and glam nights to socialize

no karate in pit's picture

ahhh glam for the sex and thrash for the beer

Thane's picture

Thrash, but I like both

MetalVenom's picture

Thrash of course but I love the 2 first wasp albums. and live wire by Motley crue is a killer track

meaningless's picture

Both...cant choose, sorry...i grow up with both genres equal..in a time...were not ever fanbase was hating the other fanbase..., were all just metalheads :D

no karate in pit's picture

amen when i was younger i listen to more glam now i listen to more thrash

BloodRed87's picture

Thrash all the way. No offense to anyone here but IMO, those hair bands were nothing but watered down radio-friendly, hard rock bands for women. Still makes me roll my eyes when those garbage hair bands are classified as "glam metal".

no karate in pit's picture

thrash on ,i hate motley crue there musicis ok but the band is just a bunch of washed up douches

andermatten's picture

thrash. but if tied to a chair in a windowless room with the lights always on I'd probably prefer listening to twisted sister over sodom.

no karate in pit's picture

id probably choose sodom because i dont think i could take it

andermatten's picture

hahahahahaha....excellent pun!

Arch_Caligula's picture

As a younger metalhead getting into more obscure metal you really buy into the “THRASH OR BE THRASHED KILL EVERY POSER” mentality and avoid glam metal and other similar bands (except W.A.S.P., Loudness, and Twisted Sister because they’re a bit heavier than other glam bands) like the plague. But then as you get older you realize Dokken -Tooth and Nail has awesome riffs solos and the first two Motley Crüe records are solid heavy metal albums. Then you go off the deep end and realize Ratt is actually pretty good.
At least that’s my experience. So both I guess.

Schizo's picture

I’m a young metal head myself (16). I got into thrash and saw the same “kill posers”. Which was just bullshit. I still listen to motley, Ratt, dokken and all those other bands. They are great bands. Not too long ago I listen to shout at the devil and i remembered how heavy “looks that kill” is. Ratt’s “out of the cellar” is also great. Bunch of great riffs.

Morbid_pizza_eater53's picture

yeah, "thrash rules-glam suck" is a very childlike opinion, its not bad when young guys think this way in 14 years, it's just funny, but when guy in 30-35 thinks that, its strange...

MortalCoil138's picture

I love thrash but can't resist good glam metal, glam was actually my introduction into heavier music. I still regularly listen to glam, I find it easier to drive too, plus the music is genuinely great.

no karate in pit's picture

nah glam was more like a transitional phase to more heavier stuff but even today i cant resist some hair metal bands like def leppard,guns n roses

sandmanforce's picture

I think there was never Glam Metal just Glam Rock. Thrash Metal existed. So this question is funny.

no karate in pit's picture

yeah hair metal is glam metal though

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