Metal band : Death

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Recent Comments

  • To be honest we have a simular situation with taxes, also apartments are really pricy, people have to make out credits f
  • Well here it is, we recorded it on summer 2013, I'm on vocals + written music/lyrics, my friend recorded guitar and
  • Sick as fuck. I'd love to see that backprint on a bandana.
  • Very nice, it does not happen often to see that shirt
  • Nice Blind Guardian dedication. Absolute beast of a live band
  • appetite bringing tshirt!
  • looks amazing!
  • Very nice LS!
  • Sick as fuck
  • Have seen them last month. Killer show! Have fun!
  • Sure. Would be interesting to listen!
  • Thanks!
  • I hope the Band will have some nice Merch when I see them next Month :)
  • Hättest ja was sagen können!
  • Ja! Stimmt!
  • Got them both, like them both. Put the square one on my vest. This one has really nice colors.
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