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  • That back logo.... hahahaha Cool shirt!
  • Awesome shirt!! Great used look!! Horns up :)
  • Thanks! More are prepared already
  • Awwwsome LS!! Full flames, bro :)
  • Cool story and great guy !!! All the best whishes for him!!!! Fuck Cancer !...
  • Awesome
  • Nice!!
  • Danke dir :D
  • That Scald patch is out of this world. A true piece of art.
  • Hi! Some days ago i sent you a Pm. For me the custom stick of inferno is about 20/25 euros for me.
  • A bit messy imo. Is this for the quilt vest?
  • Always happy to to help you out with the ever growing collection of Discharge stuff.
  • Can't believe I've missed this one. It looks fantastic!
  • Yeah, the white one is fairly common in a 'not impossible to find on eBay' sense.
  • The Roxx раньше в англии делались, нонче в таиланде была у меня такая тряпка лет этак 14 назад https://tshirtslayer.
  • These guys are coming out with some weird designs these days......

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