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Recent Comments

  • The tape looks incredible!
  • There's two versions of this ls I believe. The difference only is the massacre on the back print.
  • Cheers mate!
  • I agree
  • Damn, I did. Look at that... you noticed haha. Good eye. I'll write those up and post them later today.
  • Who is otto gas?
  • It's crazy to think that relapse records didn't like the sound quality of this album so they re-recorded the w
  • Nice write-up - really gives some context to the patches! Nice to see favorites-only, not just patch-spam.
  • Thanks man, I agree. BM is not my favorite genre, but this album is great!
  • Thanks buddy
  • That is pretty, I love me some old Manson prints!
  • An amazing album
  • who the hell is that other guy is this some mandella effect shit or what
  • I've seen bootlegs of these and they almost always look horrible.
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks mate!


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