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  • Yes, same here!
  • Thanks! Got lucky with this one as well. Another Canadian deadstock.
  • Someone was selling this one here in Canada as well for over 100$.
  • Damn :/ Tried to order from Neseblod records,but seems they never get around replying to my messages.I believe it was ta
  • Please upload yours here...
  • Awesome ! ! ! ! !
  • Fuck yes! Looks killer. Cant wait to recieve mine aswell.
  • Awesome pictures!
  • Classic!
  • Verstehe, ist natürlich nicht ganz so einfach, die Entscheidung.
  • Now that I finally got hold of the original version, here is the backprint https://imgur.com/J5gnGfi
  • Thanks.And yes, i am fully aware the importance of these tapes nowadays ;) Also,not intending to sell them that fast.
  • This looks awesome. Hope you had a good trip/fest.
  • Welcome matey. Haha yeah 2hours per skull would be tedious!
  • The very best part of this awesome vest is the authentic festival grime! Lovely patina on everything, I dig it.
  • Yeah, they're one of my favorite bands too. I also like Nachtfalke and Azaxul.

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