Battle jacket update!

An Overdose Of ...Sat, 19/07/2014 - 06:39

Since my last update, here's what happened.

Patches added:
Black Sabbath cross
Both Uncle Acid patches
Crappy handmade Eyehategod one (official is like 6 inches, can't have that)
Satyricon logo
Carpathian Forest logo (at loooong last)
Black Clouds logo
Empty Vessels patch

Patches removed:
Crappy homemade Blitzkid one
Crappy homemade Wednesday 13 one

Patches moved: GNR, Sonata Arctica, Anthrax, Toxic Holocaust, Ghost

Also removed the studs, added some new pins, and got it signed by Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest (relocated his autograph to the inside from the top back) and all of Empty Vessels.

Not for sale or trade

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Recent Comments

  • Absolutely great, love this shirt !
  • Great longsleeve
  • Five flames, great t-shirt and album! From where did you found all these stuff from Drawn and Quartered :) ?
  • Looks great good use for that ashphyx though Can you make a close up of the round Scream bloody Gore? Never seen this
  • The skulls looks like they're annoying the man and saying "hey mate, give us a puff"
  • This is looking amazing! It's getting harder to tell what's new with each update hahaha!
  • Best throng they've done since midian!!!!
  • Thank you :-)
  • Nice One!
  • Awesome, thanks for the offer! If I see anything I will send you a message.
  • Awesome LS!
  • A classic
  • Fuckin' awesome LS. Wish I had one myself...
  • Looks incredible man, 5 stars for the creativity and 5 stars for the painting!
  • What a hell of a pin, fuck yeah!
  • It's not a problem, all the festivals and concert venues here serve beer in cans, I'm up to around 100 already


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