Metal band : Eyehategod

SIR STEWART WAL... with 16 entries
vomitoxic with 14 entries
gizter with 12 entries
865drummer with 12 entries
An Overdose Of ... with 6 entries
ThrashLife with 5 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Check my stuff...
  • totally agree with your description, very very underrated album, nice shirt.
  • damn, whoever scores this is lucky, amazing longsleeve.
  • beautiful, their early stuff was magic
  • Hell Yeah!
  • Fukken Great my friend.....need it......but......hmmmm....lol..... 5 Fuckin Flames
  • That's a killer Samael WH patch, great vest
  • Such a great band and arguably the greatest funk metal band depending on if you consider that a valid subgenre.
  • Cool patch man, the googly eyes souds pretty cool indeed lol
  • cheers dude, got em for a good price too!
  • \m/ Amazing job, full flames. I especially love your incorporation of the Bottle Opener 1349 Bullet!
  • Oh wow! That's fucking wicked!!
  • Looking good mate! How's the catalogue coming?
  • Why thank you squire.
  • Thanks! https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/37443
  • Oh wow! That's fucking cool haha.

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