Hells Headbangers

Wed, 02/11/2011 - 02:07
Very quick shipping, good packaging. Incredible selection. Note: I was particularly surprised with their Slavic folk/black metal items. Paypal: yes.


philly's picture

Bought from them twice. Fast and cheap

ichsan's picture

they have great stuffs, but they don't ship worldwide, i bought stuff there once with my paypal, and then they returned my money.

ErichZann's picture

My favorite distro!

R.J.'s picture

Shitty customer service. Couldn't find their return policy anywhere on their site so I sent them an email. They responded with sarcasm and wouldn't completely answer any of my questions. It's a shame the hoodie I was looking at was only available through them. I ended up buying the hoodie and luckily it fit. On the bright side, shipping was super fast.

DeathRipper's picture

One of my main "go to" shops.

NacaleHo's picture

^^fast transaction and shipping even to Germany.

The_Black_Sleep's picture

Delivers fast but only used them once, cd was scratched and the case cracked, not gonna bother with trying again.

Chemical Burn's picture

I've never had a problem with them. Everything is in good condition, packed well and arrives quickly. They used to have a lot of bad quality bootlegged merch (and didn't tell you it was bootlegged) but they've improved drastically in that regard in the last year or so. I can't order from them as much as I'd like to because shipping from America costs so much, but that's out of their control.

666XFreezingMoonX666's picture

These guys are the best, they deliver fast, have thrown in extra things for me I didn't even purchase for free, have quality items up for sale and easy and good communication. Good shipping rates too. I've ordered from them a number of times.

imfan1975's picture

best distro on the planet

diabolica's picture

Ordered Deathhammer & Dying fetus shirts from them, they threw in free stickers. Highly recommend them

Fimbulvintr's picture

The patches I ordered from them were pretty good quality and the shipping was ridiculously quick. From wherever they ship in the US to the Midwest was 2 days

Defiance's picture

Dark Subcoscious, best quality, quantity, good prices, friendly. Taste it.

Defiance's picture

True prodessionals, tons of stuff for all, very good releases.

Villi Thorne's picture

Hells Headbangers is by far my favorite label. They have an amazing CD/Cassette/Vinyl selection, however...
Their shirts... after washing them, they feel tacky to the touch (sticky) and they shrink a LOT. All of them. Best to buy a size up and not wash often, because the print fades quick.

IFuckedRazorback's picture

Great, high quality patches that look and feel great. Prices were okay, but not great; $6.50 or so for a 4"x4" patch. Shipping was extremely fast and easy, and the quality is well worth the price.

ironstrike's picture

great service, free CD's added sometimes also.


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