Hells Headbangers

Wed, 02/11/2011 - 02:07
Very quick shipping, good packaging. Incredible selection. Note: I was particularly surprised with their Slavic folk/black metal items. Paypal: yes.


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Bought from them twice. Fast and cheap

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they have great stuffs, but they don't ship worldwide, i bought stuff there once with my paypal, and then they returned my money.

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My favorite distro!

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Shitty customer service. Couldn't find their return policy anywhere on their site so I sent them an email. They responded with sarcasm and wouldn't completely answer any of my questions. It's a shame the hoodie I was looking at was only available through them. I ended up buying the hoodie and luckily it fit. On the bright side, shipping was super fast.

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One of my main "go to" shops.

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^^fast transaction and shipping even to Germany.

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Delivers fast but only used them once, cd was scratched and the case cracked, not gonna bother with trying again.

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These guys are the best, they deliver fast, have thrown in extra things for me I didn't even purchase for free, have quality items up for sale and easy and good communication. Good shipping rates too. I've ordered from them a number of times.

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best distro on the planet

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Ordered Deathhammer & Dying fetus shirts from them, they threw in free stickers. Highly recommend them

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The patches I ordered from them were pretty good quality and the shipping was ridiculously quick. From wherever they ship in the US to the Midwest was 2 days

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Dark Subcoscious, best quality, quantity, good prices, friendly. Taste it.

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True prodessionals, tons of stuff for all, very good releases.

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Hells Headbangers is by far my favorite label. They have an amazing CD/Cassette/Vinyl selection, however...
Their shirts... after washing them, they feel tacky to the touch (sticky) and they shrink a LOT. All of them. Best to buy a size up and not wash often, because the print fades quick.

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Great, high quality patches that look and feel great. Prices were okay, but not great; $6.50 or so for a 4"x4" patch. Shipping was extremely fast and easy, and the quality is well worth the price.

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great service, free CD's added sometimes also.

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Got my Destroyer 666 (Unchain the Wolves) and Absu shirt. Good stuff. Quick shipping as well.


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  • thanx mate! metallic regards!
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  • Couldn’t find any official ones and it’s my favorite album by them. Had to get it.
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  • Thanks! Mine is not for trade. . .but best of luck finding one!!
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  • I agree. Picture perfect masterpiece!
  • Sick.
  • I totally want one!
  • Out fucking standing work. Pockets usable, layout is clean and actually thought out, just overall a great vest.
  • I love the unassuming simplicity of the logo on the front of the white T, while the back graphic is basically a shout-ou
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