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Jen Gruesome
Fri, 12/01/2018 - 23:12

I found this brooch/pin on eBay early last year, I fell in love with it and I wear it often. I love it so much that it inspired my latest tattoo from Perth studio The Black Quill. I have found another on TSS - from Knightwhosayni (if you read this - where did you obtain yours? We seem to have a different fastening?). Would love to know more about it.

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I read this. ;)
Mine was coming from a French 1980s private collection, but the pin was most certainly produced in England I'd say. It's not unusual for such pins to have different fastenings - 1 butterfly clasp or 2, nappy pin, etc. Cast pewter pins is not my specialty - there are users here who are far more knowledgable than me about them, maybe they could give you their input (thinking notably about StereoDeth here).

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Hey man, thanks for the reply and the info. It has been nice to research into a few little things, I have just started getting into pin collecting - it's been really fun to see discover how many amazing designs and collections are out there, I had no idea before coming to TSS.
Thanks for spotting the post. :)

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No worries. Chat soon!

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Fantastic pin and fantastic tattoo! May your pin collection become enormous, definitely a cool thing to collect!


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