Bottrop Coat of Arms-Patch

Mon, 11/09/2017 - 14:17

One of my/our most important Patches :D The traditional Coat of Arms of my hometown Bottrop. (Sadly this crest was replaced with a new one some years ago. But the knew one has less meaning to us, so we stay with this one)
We ordered a bunch of these Patches for the group i am visiting concerts and festivals with.

For those who are interested in heraldry: The black tips of the cross are a relic of the black cross of the "Deutscher Orden" (German Knight Order), which owned a castle here in the middle ages. The fist holds a "Schlägel", which is the traditional Hammer of the coal miners. The coal and iron industry characterized the whole area since the age of industrialization. This is by the way the area, where big parts of the early german Thrashmetal come from, e.g. Sodom and Kreator.
Also, the Hammer is a symbol of hard but honest work, which is also characteristic for the Ruhrpott-Area.

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Bottrop Coat of Arms-Patch


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  • Yeahh i think mortus gave marduk a breath of fresh air


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