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Slayer My vest

Fri, 30/10/2020 - 14:12

I haven't logged in on here for six years. A long time. This has changed quite a bit.

This has been my vest for the last 7 years.
Back in mid 2013 I swapped from the (back then a trend) overcrowded vest to this minimal one.
It started life with a vintage Venom backpatch until late 2014 or early 2015 when I changed to this "Hell Awaits" one.

Then around 2016 I removed and sold some of the patches and the vest laid unused until a year ago when I decided to rework it, although some patches have remained on place during all this time; I only added/changed some.
This is the vest up to date. I hope you're not too disapointed.

Maybe I'll add something else like another stripe on top of the backpatch and a pair more patches, but except this I think I will pretty much left it as is.

Not for sale or trade
Slayer My vest
Slayer My vest

southerncrossripper's picture

Awesome as all your vests are!

Corrosive's picture

Thanks bro!!

Lyx's picture

Awesome looking vest!
Nice to see you back on here mate.

Corrosive's picture

Thanks my friend! It's also great to be here again.

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Brutal cómo siempre!!

Corrosive's picture

Gracias hermano!

bucci's picture

Welcome back man & a great vest for your return! Love the bp

Corrosive's picture

Thanks a lot! Yeah I think it's the best backpatch in existence!

BloodFireDeath88's picture

Wicked vest man! Everything about this is great!

Corrosive's picture

Thanks a lot!

Hárbarðr's picture

Bienvenido nuevamente! Siempre es un agrado volver a ver activa a la gente del viejo TSS.

5 llamas, está excelente!!

Corrosive's picture

Me acuerdo de ti! Que sorpresa que sigas activo después de todo este tiempo. Un saludo desde España.

MetalBrewer's picture

Not a bad patch on it. Great denim!

Corrosive's picture

These are among my favorites. I'm still missing some I sold years ago though. Thanks!

satanachist's picture

Welcome back, it looks great!

Corrosive's picture


Corrosive's picture

Thanks :)

phantasm's picture

Awesome. Love this, especially the vtg stock Levi’s denim.

Corrosive's picture

Yeah, vintage Levi's denim is absolutely the best. I have other black and grey jackets in the works too :)

fauzan big's picture

Awesome! Really love the simply layout

Corrosive's picture

Thanks! I was a big fan of the totally covered/overcrowded vest many years ago, nowadays I think that less is more.

ThomasThrash's picture

Looks really nice, and welcome back man!!

Corrosive's picture


kertalaaki's picture

Yep, awesome as hell (awaits)

Corrosive's picture

The best backpatch there is!

nuclearthrasher666's picture

You can't go wrong with that amazing backpatch ! Are you planning to add more stuff ?

Corrosive's picture

Thanks! Well, yes. My idea is to sew another stripe on top of the backpatch and maybe two more patches in the front, but I'm not on a hurry for that.

×BlackDemon×'s picture

Killer Vest mate!!!! I love it

Corrosive's picture

Thanks a lot :)

Tankard Emptyer's picture

You put some great music on there, Oriol.

!sU noiJ
Welcome back!

Corrosive's picture

Thanks man! And so good to see you're still here!!

bad_american1992's picture

Looks killer! Especially those purple bordered goodies on the front. Love the old school look of that Hell Awaits BP

Reinhardt's picture

Fuck, this is nice...! Simple and pretty much perfect because of this.

Bonesaw's picture

Awesome vest! Love that Doom diskette!

Corrosive's picture

Haha thanks mate! Yeah been playing (and making mods) for Doom since I was a little kid! Doom is eternal.

Bonesaw's picture

Yeah, I play it as well since I was a little kid. It really is eternal! Nothing less than triple 100% on ultra violence counts!

ManInTheBox's picture

Old school :D

Corrosive's picture

As old school as it can be!!!

smehurko's picture

this is the BP! there is no dispute! Cool!

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