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Acranius My finished vest

Sun, 06/12/2015 - 12:16

I thought it would be nice to have some woven patches on my vest and add some bands to fill the gaps, so here it is. Helloween shifted to pin badge, Sodom to executioner on the back, Testament logo to woven patch, and Municipal Waste with Toxic Holocaust are now displayed in 1 bright patch. Didn't want to replace Kreator with official patch because it has a lot of disadvantages, like hardly readable album name from 2 m, and official "Surtur Rising" and "Torture" patches have different width, so it wouldn't look very good. The new bands here are Asphyx, Carnivore, Dust Bolt, Onslaught and Solstice. There are 53 bands here.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2015
Acranius My finished vest
Acranius My finished vest
Acranius My finished vest
Acranius My finished vest

SanitySlayer's picture

That Manowar patch is genius :D
Where'd you get that Havok patch btw? I've been looking for one like that.

Turkey-man's picture

Yeah, Manowar kicks ass!

SpineSplitter666's picture

Love the Devourment patch.

Turkey-man's picture


stefke's picture

awesome vest!
great backpatch!
love the carnivore patch!

Altair's picture

Nice kickassing Megadeth-Backpatch!
Is the Acranius-patch printed or woven?

Turkey-man's picture

Megadeth rules!!!
Acranius is printed.

Nater90's picture

Killer update mate! The printed Kreator looks heaps better then the official.

Turkey-man's picture

Thanks, and the vest itself is a bit heavier now, haha.

RideTheThunder's picture

Nice! Where'd you get the Toxic Waste patch?

Joel's picture

Looks really well put together!

Maszyn's picture

Daaamn, it looks absolutely killer. Especially Heathen. That 13 backpatch is also wonderful.

jeg86's picture

where did you get the Iron Reagan patch from?

Thane's picture

Love the back patch! Where did you find the Essence patch??

Turkey-man's picture

Thanks. Look up Ukrpatcher on Facebook.

Thane's picture

Thanks man I will! \m/

Chainsaw Charlie's picture

That vest is "Metal" ... The studs, choice of bands and lay out are impeccable ... Great job cheers!

Turkey-man's picture

Thank you.

ThomasThrash's picture

Looks really great! I especially like the layout below the backpatch!

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