Metal band : Nailbomb

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  • I NEED this shirt.
  • exactly... don't want to end up with burn out... so need to headbang all that crap out haha
  • Probably not my band...
  • Yeah i know what you mean...But sometimes we got to act like we are teenagers, get it out of our system : )=
  • Thanks a lot mate!
  • Cheers dude!
  • a bunch of leather boys is perfectly okay for the American kids hahaha... damn cool album of course
  • Hehe, Tankard in a nutshell : )= Thanks again mate!
  • Yeah the back says it all! Cheers!
  • Thanks a lot mate!
  • don't have this one on vinyl... very nice
  • Cheers my friend!
  • too bad you didn't have it when you met her... would be great to have it signed
  • brutal one
  • haha that artwork... full flames alone for that one already
  • damn, good stuff... looks killer too

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