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Discovered! Why it is so easy for scammers!!

Sun, 15/02/2015 - 12:43

Because you're stupid, that's why

I can't tell you how many times I get a private message that says something like


And when I check.. he (the seller) has zero trading history

Well, all i can see is, above the privatemessage is a giant warning about traders with zero history!

How can I make it more obvious?

meaningless's picture

u cant do more then u have alrdy done by now. For myself: i just trade with ppl i know or with some ppl who have a few good trade-reviews. If some1 dont have any good reviews - he/she must send me the item first..., im a trustable person..every1 can be sure he/she will get the money, when the item arrives ;P

Bitch Butcher's picture

You sir have a point! I have always done the same and never had any problem with anyone!

punani's picture

i would agree to that when a new seller wants to sell something that he has to send first.

Judas Priestess's picture

I don't even bother dealing with new people/low feedback, besides me selling to them. It's just not worth the risk. I rather keep the item or money and wait until someone reliable comes along with what I'm after.

Der Todesking's picture

You've been new to the page somewhen too. If all ppl would go by your rule, you probably didn't ever get involved in any trades...

DethronedEmperor23's picture

if you're from the U.S is it possible to get scammed by someone else in the U.S?

Morbid_Welshman's picture

In addition to the warning above the PM page, a similar warning should appear on the user's page which reads "I'm a thieving bastard; Trade with at your own risk!"

NIGHTRIDER's picture

As someone who has no trading history I make it very simple - I send the cash\object first - and only to people that have positive trading history.
As a rule I do not trade with people from "problematic countries" - better safe than sorry.

SexDrinksMetal's picture


hateandwhiskey's picture

I have not bought or sold anything on TSS, but have been buying and selling for years on ebay. I would not send an item without payment first. I would recommend using paypal so you have some protection. As a seller, if you send an item before you get paid....good luck. Everybody starts with a 0 trading history.

cambotero's picture

Reads the title."oh! there's a real reason?" checking... reads first line. "Oh you got me there!" :D

hateandwhiskey's picture


RavenEffect's picture

Fuck Logic

Zastrozzi's picture

I don't trade with people who have zero reviews (myself included, although I HAVE traded....) but I will buy from someone with zero reviews. People, you all understand that if you pay through PAYPAL(!) and send it for GOODS & SERVICES your are protected! Do not send it via friends.

Plague's picture

People...they're the worst!!

Ville's picture

IDK whats the problem, I tell people who want stuff from me (having zero trading history myself) that I only accept paypal or making the deal over an escrow, for security and trust reasons. I demand full price up-front (no money, no honey) and always keep the postal bills, since you can be ripped off either way.
Zero trading history is no solid reason for that matter. It's peoples own fault they get ripped off, after all we live in an unforgiving world and if people would take some simple precautions they wouldn't have to be sorry afterwards or behave like paranoid fucks. I wouldn't blame the whole world for my own incompetance.

RogJarl's picture

but Doc, in the end, when people write to you over a scammer, do you as the admin ban those scammers you've been warned about? or do you just let them go on with their business on TSS? I mean, it surely is tiresome for you to receive frequent messages about unseccessful trades, but you then at least have the positive opportunity to ban those people from TSS and make it safer...

MetalHorror's picture

how do you write trade reviews

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

I'm new to this site as well... But luckily through years of buying/selling on eBay....I've made reliable friends that happened to be on here as well. I always check who's their friends lists & ask for recomendations about them before doing trades. Just recently I bought from someone on here from Mexico. They had no trade history, but gave me a reliable mates name who he's done a trade with before...he confirmed it!! The item arrived safe today!!!

Doc.....mabye you should have a section in the menu bar that lists the people with the highest positive trade reviews???

CarCass Death's picture

There is a place here for that to show who is reliable and who isnt. Here is thr link!!!


kresctilon's picture

I am very interested in a T-Shirt but the seller has 0 feedback, despite having sold several shirts in the past. I have never seen that shirt before and recently discovered it here.

kresctilon's picture

Thanks for the reply. I have agreed to purchase the shirt. The seller now wants me to use the 'friends' option through PayPal. He claims he will have to pay a fee to PayPal and won't get the full money if i don't pay using the friends option. He has received 3 new positive feedback, all from the same person. Will i still be able to file a claim on PayPal if the shirt doesn't arrive?

kresctilon's picture

Thank you very much for the quick replies.

Der Todesking's picture

If ppl ask about sending cash as friends to avoid the fees, I always tell them I rather pay a bit more & don't send as friend, so he gets the same amount of money & I am secure.

kresctilon's picture

I don't think i will go through with it. I'd rather not wait weeks just to end up claiming for a refund.

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

That thread was actually quite funny.
I really like you, DoctorDeath.
If I wasn't underage, and if I had a job (or any revenue/income) I'd gladly support the website. Things are unfair for us young metalheads

Special-Tee-666's picture

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for Doc (and small selection of dedicated members/investors) to create the webs first dedicated metal shirt/memorabilia secure online auction / trading site with a community atmosphere . Just saying :-)

Special-Tee-666's picture

with a community atmosphere? :-)

Nater90's picture

Doc still pays quite a fee to keep TSS going, More people need to stop bring greedy cunts and donate. The amount of items sold or traded by certain active members that don't contribute is pathetic.

Special-Tee-666's picture

I reckon. As soon as I uploaded my first shirt I felt I had to chuck in. You cant leave a mate dry in the pub.

Nater90's picture

Wish a few more thought like you.

Haha, I've not heard that one, Well said mate.

Influx's picture

I remember when I bought some patches through here I was a little uncertain that folks would sell to me because I saw the thing about not working with those without trade history but if someone is looking to buy/sell and hasn't before if they prove an active member of the site (and this has worked for me on other sites with other items) they're generally trust worthy.

Partyplayer69's picture

As being new user I don't have trade history, but I've sold few shirts in here already, and sales were good.
However I did trade with the person Aaron Argersinger who has 3 great reviews and 19 items received from others.
I sent my shirt to him way back in beginning of April as I had no problem of sending my stuff first, however l haven't received my shirt from him, nor does he reply to any of my messages.. classic rip-off case.

So I know how it looks, here I am with zero trade history, and then this guy has 3 great reviews, and it's my word against his. But those who I've dealt with in here already know that I'm not ripping ppl off...

vkok's picture

US enforcement will not look at this claim, most likely. Value of theft is too low. You know his address. Send him a used toilet paper from Mr. Jefferson.

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