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Recent Comments

  • Sooo awesome! Do you maybe have a second one?;-) Cheers
  • Not a fan. Acid wash is a huge resemblance of the 80s/Metal and new patches defeat the look.
  • I love the way you presented this!
  • Yeye jeff,sy baru perasan yg hijau tu besar skit...yg sy punya lupe version merah atau hijau
  • That looks brand new! Very cool!
  • Killer !! I need that Hallows Eve :-(
  • Yeahh!! Agreed! Cheers..
  • Thanks man.. Cheers!!
  • Thanks Wall..Size yg hijau tu bsar sikit je.. yg hijau ni trade dr mat salleh dlm ni jgk Wall..
  • Hell yeah!
  • zekers...het houdt nooit op....
  • You got thirty patches but two of them are Altars of Madness?
  • The logo on the frontprint could've been a little bigger.. Anyways, good stuff!!
  • Thanks! I totally forgot to tell you I sent out the patch a couple days ago it should be there Friday.
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks!

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