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Recent Comments

  • Wow! This looks great! Always cool to see patches from extreme record labels.
  • awesome Born Dead BC patch
  • Thanks so much my friend !
  • what a great sadus collection!!
  • Sick sicksix
  • Used to have the longsleeve 20 years ago which the back print is completely different, ibwas looking years to find this
  • well sounds pretty good. I couldn't tell the lyrics though. I can almost never tell when there are growling vocals.
  • Unholy fuck what a shirt! 5 mandatory flames
  • Nice vest!
  • I can do 8incl for the amon amarth
  • Looks killer!
  • Is the aa strip still there?
  • Is behemoth still for sale?
  • Very nice update and great placement for that Warlock patch! Great records in the background as well.
  • So metal!
  • Thank you mate Unbelievable album and a very beautiful shirt!!
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