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Recent Comments

  • Thanks bro!
  • Thanks mate! Nope, glad because I heard mixed reviews all over from some shows...
  • Nearly? Why not!!
  • Sure did mate, cheers, It truly did!
  • Thank you sir!
  • Bolzer was indeed great, Can't wait to see them again, I was referring to their t-shirt designs mate, it was stuff
  • ....and still we destroy Such a great band, and this shirt is grail category.
  • Fantastic! I've been eyeing this one off online lately
  • Ebay, under 'Satanic Black Cat'
  • Thanks dude, it's honestly one of my favorite things on the jacket so far hahaha.
  • Thanks man!
  • I got in on ebay years ago.
  • Sailor moon is an anima cartoon
  • I found demos of Dallas doing songs off this record before he left. I have to find those again.. very interesting
  • very nice!
  • No it’s not Luna but I am curious what that is from myself.