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Dismember Death Metal Vest

ThomasThrash's picture

I’m unsure how you couldn’t be 100% happy with this haha! Looks incredible!!

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man, I’m very pleased with how it turned out I just know it can be better

Servantofdeath92's picture

That is one hell of a death metal vest! Definitely one of the best!

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man

bad_american1992's picture

This thing is out of control!!! Dude you put some serious work into making this monstrosity. It reminds me of when you go to some crusty metal venue and the entire bathroom wall is just stickers upon stickers. No visible denim allowed!!!

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man! That’s what I was going for, no space wasted

Brendon's picture

Thanks for not covering up any logos! Awesome vest man. I believe i see my old impaler on there.

On Frozen Fields's picture

Tried my best to keep as much of the album artwork visible as well but a couple of patches got a bit fuck. And you Cancer as well

Knightwhosayni's picture

One of the most accomplished BJs out there, congrats!

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man!

kingdomofhannover's picture

You can see the effort you put in here at every little point. It was absolutely worth it and the result speaks for itself. Congratulations! How long did it take if I may ask?

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man! It’s around 18 months since I first started it, I had it finished for last year’s festival season. But I wasn’t very happy with it so rebuilt it over the last few months

MortalFate's picture

Very impressive.

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man

fauzan big's picture

Awesome!! Very unique layout and so much nice stuff. Straight to my favorites list

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man!

Bladerunner's picture

Loving the backpatch!

Beneath_Remains's picture

Very nice vest indeed🔥
Layout is very well thought out

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man! Took a while to everything to fit

stepand's picture

Killer vest, oversized undergang + dismember is too strong of a combo

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man! Probably my favourite part as well

Shatafaker666's picture

You’re welcome! What a good job. Undergang and Dismember are a winner combo. And I’m glad that I helped with my ex Rippikoulu patch in this sick layout. Well done mate, and have some fun at Netherlands Deathfest!! ☠️

On Frozen Fields's picture

Thanks man! I’m super pleased with how well they fit. Wouldn’t have have been the same without it. It’s gonna be really good

Gesperrt's picture

Dann dude, I feel like you have a slight preference for death metal…

On Frozen Fields's picture

Maybe just a little bit

Korba's picture

Firstly, I thought that the patches overlap too much. Then, at a second glance, I really started to appreciate the layout. And your needlework is impressive! All in all, I would not cover the patches so much, but I like your vest. Good job! 🤘

Jason Maarsseveen's picture

Killer, holy shit how do you know every band haha

necro_postmortem's picture

A little bit tooo chaotic for me but i cant stop looking at it, so many great stuff on there and the complete layout is stunning overall

a_yul's picture

These are art

VerminDevourer's picture

Those stitches require skills and dedication. A true artist and a craftsman🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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