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Recent Comments

  • If you are searching for it you can still order the shirt from Blood Harvest
  • man! from my experience after few beverages they just go to sleep. It seems to compress them. Just like mp3s.
  • it does haha but its a cd.
  • Peter wishes it was Hype...man , they never reached heights that I thought they would.
  • mmm...i love the books but already have those cds. I felt that 11$ will not kill me and bought it :)
  • nu celtic frost naprimer tozhe. prosto interneta ne bilo tokda.
  • good album but should be called Illud Disco Insanus...the disco insane one. Seriously very strong album.
  • Thanks alot! Cheers
  • Thank you very much!
  • Thank you!
  • Yeah, that would be awesome! Thanks alot!
  • Cheers! Hope you get one eventually.
  • actually nice bootleg!
  • Thank you mister ;-)
  • Really nice! Love this color!
  • cool! top retro album artwork for Medusa, I am glad they made merch from it ;)


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