Metal band : Nihilist

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misantrhopic with 6 entries
PutridStench with 6 entries
Sniper with 5 entries
Utter Chaos with 5 entries
meaningless with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Seriously cool.
  • Rip me lol. It's so badass, good find!
  • Oh My Goodness!!! Awesome , Joel!!
  • I heard that before,.. that johan is always drunk or drugged,.. wouldnt know... never seen them live :(
  • Damn!!
  • Yeah, that'll happen from time to time.
  • That looks realy good i will try it on future projects, thanks for the inspiration!
  • Some people who try to avoid profanity rather say, "What the heck?" than "What the hell?" or "W
  • I cant find it in the Internet shiiit
  • This compilation is my favorite. Cheers!
  • Thanks Man!
  • Haha, I bought it from the last California Deathfest here in Northern California last October.
  • Thanks, Doc! Peace out YO! :P
  • Thank you! :)
  • Full of details... :) Lets see how the new record turns out
  • WHER WHERE did you buy it ?
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