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Thu, 15/03/2012 - 02:22

This is my black metal vest. Take that, Jesus. Men's Large. This vest is for sale. $350 Please see last 2 photos for updated/finished pics.

Sale only


Wormwood's picture

Beautiful vest haha especially the back! Looks like there's a spot or two that could get filled up
One o my favorite vests on the site now

Terroristic-Hammerings's picture

The best part for me is the studs next to venom! No color on purpose??

EscapeTheUnion's picture

I didn't want there to be any color thread at all, not even red, but there's a little brown on Malefic's club

Plague's picture

brootal kutte \m/

ManOboy's picture

ive never seen a keep of kalessin patch before. very nice.

R.J.'s picture

Love the black and white.

AleOldSchool's picture

i'm not really into bm, but this vest is simply awesome!!!

RalleRavn's picture

Sick fukking vest! I love that Drowning The Light BP!

SammyFuneralFrost's picture

This is..... breath taking!.!

Hungry_Mosher's picture

Looks freaking awesome! i don't like the most bands but it looks realy good with those studs!

Grimslath's picture

Awesome work man! Got a lot of the same patches as my bm kutte. Nice to see Storm and the double helping of Keep of Kalessin! \m/

Inhuman's picture

Wow, this is pretty cool!!!

Skunkspritz's picture

Cleanest vest! :D

slaytanic1's picture

very nicely done!! a resounding 5 flames

ilovetoeatpussy's picture


Toteslaut's picture

nice bands at all, but i hope you knew some other undergrounds bands

R.J.'s picture

It's funny how when it comes to any other metal subgenre, its ok to have mainstream band patches on your jacket. But it always seems like someone has to comment on a black metal jacket if it isn't "kvlt" enough. On top of that, this jacket has more underground patches than most black metal jackets I see. So I'm not sure what the problem is...

Tico Tyrant's picture

Very great work, some really good occult bands here...some not so much...but really great back patches

Major props for these one's: Black Funeral,Drowning the Light, Venom, Dissection,Horna, Isengard, Absu..and of course...Bathory.

One's I don't like-Old Man's Child, Gorgoroth and Hate

Everything else is pretty good, great work...good placement, the studding isn't too much and these are good patch quality. Curious, where did you manage to find that Abigor patch?

DisgustingSemla's picture

Awesome looking black metal vest, it's perfect, and you've got so many awesome bands there, I would like to have that same Nargaroth patch :P

CryptKeeper's picture

Beautiful vest, especially the back!!

ZombieBloodNightmare's picture

fucking killer vest!

lonestar9165's picture

holy shit this looks awesome

Ragnor's picture

This is totally badass. Normally, I don't like the completely covered front, but it works in this case. Fuckin' beautiful!

blackstar1965's picture

This is sick! The stud work around the Venom patch is top notch. Great work!

DonDotyDarkAngel's picture

REALLY good!

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

The big white upside down cross is just too cliched for my taste. But it's still a sick jacket

Valkorados's picture

Very impressive!

Pussyface's picture

Best have seen. Killer.

doyle92's picture

Fucking epic

beholderinsorrow's picture

Wow... Very meticulous work. Great job!

DeathRipper's picture

No mosh. No core. No trends. No fun.

ConsideredDead11's picture

How does the dissection strip patch feel? Does it feel like "warm blanket" material? I like how those patches feel, haha

EscapeTheUnion's picture

It does, actually.

FaceMeltingWaste's picture

Extremely Radical. I enjoy every single patch on this vest!

janbant's picture

Sick jacket! Awesome lay out and bands. I had to laugh when I read 'Take that, Jesus!' hahaha

Metal Mistress's picture

That's killer! colour scheme and layout is perfect! great attention to detail.

King_Pancake's picture

Amazing jacket. Where did you get that Hate patch?

EscapeTheUnion's picture

I saw them play with Keep of Kalessin and Belphegor in 2010 I think, I bought the patch from Hate's merch table.

King_Pancake's picture

God damnit! Saw them a few months back. And they had no patches for sale. And their official store is in polish and is way broken. But my quest for Hate patch will continue!

IronMason's picture

Just wow! the placements 0n the back are so perfect. and I have never seen that dark throne patch before, jealous!


notice a few gaps on the front that could use some attention, but otherwise perfect.

EscapeTheUnion's picture

All gaps have been filled, I'm trying to upload finished pics today. The finished product is for sale

evanyell's picture

I'm interested. could you tell me size and price please?

EscapeTheUnion's picture

It's a Mens Large, 22 inches across at the armpit area. I currently have it listed for sale at $350

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