Nuclear Blast

Tue, 07/12/2010 - 14:55


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good stuff, cool shirts - ordered many times, no problems

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prices are ok (many special-price CDs..etc), contact is very nice and pay/shipping is totaly uncomplicated, serious business!

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Got my Heidevolk shirt from them, everything went just perfectly, again shipping to Chile was a bit too expensive, but that's sort of the rule among "big" online mailorder shops.

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Read this: I wanted to get the new Amorphis CD Under the red cloud on Nuclear Blast. In all the internet , Puerto Rico uses the US store in online stores since we are a US territory, well not on Nuclear Blast. I had to go to the UK store and pay in Euros , wat. I went to pay and when I see the CD was 11 euros and the shipping 29 euros. I have ordered things from Europe, Asia , Sounth america , etc and the shipping was fair , no more than $12 (In US dollars). I ended up buying the CD on FYE , besides, i dont need to wait for it on the mail. I was dissapointed since Nuclear Blast signs lots of the bands i listen too.


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  • Wow man, we were huge Influencers back then it seems, looking at the Hällas Hype now hahaha!
  • Not my band, but the colors look astonishing!
  • Thanks, my friend!
  • nice one !
  • Thanks mate! I love the detail on this patch..
  • Congrats!!
  • I never thought of it that way but I understand your opinion.
  • You're right, it was a tremendous amount of work Thank you so much man.
  • Nice one lads, I think so too. I'll give it the crown of authenticity
  • I would say, that's an Original Shirt from the time!
  • From TSS member R. J.'s California business right here.
  • Madness reigns
  • mine looks the same and I got it from a guy who bought it back in the 90s. the copyright looks legit too...
  • Sorry for the late response :| Awesome, looking foward to see more :D Cheers :D \m/
  • Cheers dude, ya think it's authentic?
  • killer shirt man! own it too...
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