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  • Good point! Thanks again!
  • Very cool layout.
  • It's good for a spin every now and then. But I wouldn't say it's in my top ten list.
  • Haha, what a song title!! I never knew what it means. And yes I agree with you about the quality of the material. Thanx!
  • Haha jajemen!
  • Haha nej du kan vara lugn Honken, du slipper Beckomberga hehe.
  • Really cool EP as an idea at least.
  • Thanx! Tbh I don't like this album that much.
  • Killer !!!!!
  • Bah, collectability be damned! The fact that you enjoyed something personally means more than resale value.
  • Thanks!
  • Mycket bra! Du löste ytterligare ett till synes olösligt mysterium. Fredlock Holmes!
  • Pretty enjoyable album. Their follow up to this might be a serious contender for most sinister album title ever.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhha! Det låter som en mycket trolig förklaring.
  • Killer LS man!!!! Full flames!!!!!
  • Badass!

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