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Cryptopsy Etc etc

Sat, 01/10/2022 - 09:48

Final trade post a good amount of these I’m not giving up so easily straight up I have plans for them I got multiple projects stacked up already but I just want to see what comes up.

Mainly looking for stuff from my wanted list but Im open to offers mostly for bands like Entombed - left hand path, Bolt Thrower, and Death (bootleg patches)

And hella looking for past official Gatecreeper patches but also seek the blue rectangle Spectral voice - Eroded corridors patch because my dumb as traded my first one and accidentally sold my second spare because I forgot I traded the other one. . D A M N

Destruction - GONE
Exciter - GONE
Massacra - GONE
Chthe'ilist - GONE
Mortiferum - GONE
Devourmemt MTD - GONE
Mortician - GONE
Disgorge - GONE
Outer Heaven - GONE
Oxygen Destroyer - GONE
Blood incantation - GONE
Sanguisugabogg - GONE


Trade Only
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc
Cryptopsy Etc etc

Viewbob's picture

where did you get the destruction from?

NegativeOne's picture

Can’t remember but either Facebook or depop

Viewbob's picture

very cool, never seen it with the album title

PRISM's picture

The Destruction was originally released by a Greek TSS user in 2012, it's limited to 50 pieces.
He is inactive, but his account with a bunch of his releases is still there.
Here is the post: https://tshirtslayer.com/patch/destruction-release-agony-woven-patch

Viewbob's picture

ahh i see wish i could get that one then

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