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Supertramp Old boy cut off!

Cardboardcity's picture

You sure put together some classics back in the day! Some of my favourite son here such as the purple In Rock and vertical Trouble!

BaconTorpedo's picture

Deep purple one is my fav too!

nosws4me's picture

This is so wild!!

MortalFate's picture

Why tear this up? A 40 year old battle jacket must be extremely rare.

BaconTorpedo's picture

Most of these old jackets get bought, ripped apart and sold for crazy prices… ideally I’d like to trade this item whole to someone who’d enjoy it how it is but most collectors want individual patches :( perhaps I’ll revise my description on the jacket

Holykaust's picture

The Whitesnake and Motörhead ones are my favs. But i would keep the whole thing intact. Might land in some museum for music some day.

BaconTorpedo's picture

Yeah does have some very cool patches on here but the lovely hand painted and stitched jackets are the museum pieces to me!

MortalFate's picture

This is equally a relic. Too bad old jackets get ripped up that frequently.

19Philthy16's picture

Wow, that's an incredible piece of history and that "you can't beat a good screw" patch made me laugh to tears! :D

BaconTorpedo's picture

Thanks, makes me chuckle too :)

bad_american1992's picture

Spot on tastes! I do love the humorous patches from the 70s / 80s, great to see a couple on your jacket. Bike mag had some really cool swag as well!

BaconTorpedo's picture

I love em too some are great, we’re loads of new old stock ones for cheap on eBay a while ago. I love the bike mag patches and ones from other magazines of the time, wish they still did patches in mags like that!

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Recent Comments

  • Awesome!! Searching for this one for some years now, congrats for that find!
  • drop dead awesome hehe
  • i left work,my mind was blank i needed time to think,to get that green patch what did i see?can i believe was the int
  • Absolutely!! Still my #1
  • dude this is sick love all those bands (except ffdp,trivium but your music taste your rules) this is thrash and well put
  • Agreed brother....Thanks.
  • Where did you find this beauty? I'd really love to have it
  • hells bells hell bells oh what fun it is to ride on the highway to hell oi
  • Damn! That's awesome
  • that battle jacket damn looks sweet i found these a while back though https://www.ebay.com/itm/234907170679?hash=ite
  • band members were my friend
  • incredible shirt
  • Thanks!!!
  • Thank you mate, appreciate it! It's a great patch, very detailed and colourful.
  • It's definitely as good as Violent Restitution for me, such a ruthless and raging album!