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How the vest was won Part II

Sat, 01/08/2020 - 22:51

I have been working with this one since easter weekend 2018. Now, the front is finished. Still have most of the back left. I have had some good laughs while making this one, "Am I really gonna wear this?" Yes, I will. I am more happy with it than I ever thought. I never thought I could make a totally covered vest that looks like this.

I have also learnt something, I consume a lot of music, and I like very much different styles. I love many bands. Even though I really wanted, I realized when I started to sew on the back that I could'nt possibly fit in every band I like very much on a vest. Then you have to make a Rob Halford-style coat or something, haha.

There is still some places on the front that aren't covered, and I don't want to put pins/badges there. This is a only patches vest. Some are cut up and some are cheap prints from online print companies. Most hiphop I like, you just can't find a Non Phixion-patch, that's not gonna happen, not even in these days when you mostely get anything you like.

You can also find patches with my favourite carbrand Volvo on it, I also skate and then I like to have a patch with the magazine I read. I like to thank my old friend Doomgarlic (Hur är läget?) for help with patches like Bruce Springsteen (är den inte snygg?) and also for giveaways like old brutal hardcore punk favourites like the almighty Discharge, Disclose and Framtid. He has also given me the clean Altar-patch, a brutal sludge/doom metal band from Sweden. Check out Altar's cassette, Plague Pit. Also platinum respect to Swedish hardcore punk / dis nightmare continues-fuxers Dislickers. Every time I put my stone age Nokia down the pocket I will see the Dislickers-logo. Total raw.

I don't know if I am happy with Pallbearer and Testament upside down but in fact they placed on the back so they aren't really upside down, when I wear the vest, the logos are on the shoulders. Well you can always change it.

1th of august 2020: Well, now I can't take this much more forward for now, I have nothing that fits in the blank parts. This is as far as I can get. Nothing bad about that. About the back: Run The Jewels, Exit-Stance, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Psycho Realm and Demon is "home-made" cheapies made with the help of an online printstore, on cheap t-shirts and I have cut it out from the t-shirts. If you can't buy them, make them yourself. When I say Disfear, there is no other Disfear than 1992-1997, with Jeppe on vocals. I have nothing against Tomas Lindberg, but in my world Jeppe is the vocalist of Disfear.

Now there is only Venom and Insision that needs a little sewing but after that, this piece of work is ready to hit the streets.

No rare patches were slaughtered in the making of this vest

Not for sale or trade
How the vest was won Part II
How the vest was won Part II
How the vest was won Part II
How the vest was won Part II
How the vest was won Part II
How the vest was won Part II

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