Metal band : Doom

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Freyjawulf with 8 entries
Nine Turning Mirrors with 6 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Mandatory flames. Love that "band"
  • Yes!
  • Fucking monumental album!!
  • I am jealous, that's such a nice fucking shirt man.
  • Very cool design! Must've been one hell of a festival. Too bad the print was not of a higher quality.
  • I may have said it before, but: magnificent collection sir!!
  • +1!!
  • Great design!
  • Yes! And it also works pretty well with the older tracks. Excellent split.
  • MOOOOOOCKED....SCOOOURGED.... SPIIIIIT UPOOOON! One of the best USBM albums of all time.
  • Love it! I've got to add this one to my collection eventually.
  • You don't see this one everyday! Nice ls, i have the white version.
  • Very nice! I really need to get my hands on a Petroff, but being this poor doesn't help haha.
  • Awesome!!
  • Impressive dedication and collection!!
  • Amazing collection brother!! \m/

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