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CRAZY 2in1 Kutte

Mon, 14/03/2011 - 16:31

My craziest Kutte
When I had saw, people are selling battle vests on eBay I thought, that can I do to, would be a good practise in sewing machine working.
But the clou is, I don´t have used any vest to sew on. Only patches together sewn until I had a vest form (color side)
Then I used the fabric of a military tent from the Wehrmacht, cut out ONE piece, and sew inside like an inlet.
For fixing the shoulders I used two patches inside, so I had the idea to make a two-sided battle vest, hehe.
The name of this Kutte is Wendy - means to change sides in german (wenden)
After adding some more patches inside I´ve recognized that I´m using only black and white patches. I liked it and collected more b/w patches. Now I can´t sell it anymore - so many hours of collecting and sewing. I have used it a short time, were I cut of all the patches of my old Kutte 2001-2010 two make another battle vest (coming soon, two-sided, too)

Many patches are gifts from friends. And if you scream: ääääähhhhh Korn - I mean that german booze, nothing more
The flame skulls under the pits are a ripped bermuda shorts.
The Messies, Anathema, Misfits, Cutout Eddie, Slayer and all the other cutouts are patches from a dead pal.
R.I.P Milzi - Warrior of Darkness
Some are from my time in the German Army.
Many patches bought by Goddess of desire, great merch!
And DogEatDog because I have a dog.
Many other funny stuff like FC Bayern, Harley, Jack Daniels, BMW, Budweiser, Beer glass and Cobra.

Black and white:
A backpatch from my favourite band Unleashed.
Many birthday presents like the heavy woven patches from AC/DC, Motörhead, Wolfs, Maiden and the Deutschland patch.
Bob Marley and Jim Morrison are souvenirs from Amsterdam Silvester 2000/2001.
The warrior pocket made with a zipper.
The lettering Warrior and Turisas are self embroidered.
Inside two extra pockets, one for a knife and one for earplugs.
Unleashed runes pocket with velcro closure. Runes embroidered and ripped a wallet with the skeleton to make a patch. The rest of the wallet are inside the pocket to storage a credit card and money - hidden extra pocket!
Crazy mix of music of all eras of my life.
Call it poserish but they have all to mention.

Hope you have enjoy it to look at Wendy.

Not for sale or trade
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte
CRAZY 2in1 Kutte

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  • Sorry, the text was from the previous owner, it gets copied when traded or sold apparently
  • Love that Sultans of Swing patch.
  • Any chance that you sell the shirt?
  • Any chance that you sell this shirt?
  • Besteht eine Chance dass du das Shirt verkaufst?
  • Besteht eine Chance dass du das Shirt verkaufst?
  • Besteht eine Chance dass du das Shirt verkaufst?
  • Besteht eine Chance dass du das Shirt verkaufst?
  • Besteht eine Chance dass du das Shirt verkaufst?
  • Any chance that you sell this?
  • Hey, is this still for sale?
  • LMAO
  • Geen punt, als je 'm toch wilt hebben lees ik het wel, de jas ligt in de kast en komt er voorlopig toch niet uit.
  • No offense dude btw haha..
  • Cotton or polyester ?
  • Killer piece man!!! You're a lucky guy, I only have an unoffivial one
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