Metal band : Cradle Of Filth

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Recent Comments

  • maybe i took the pic upside down? its actually Christ forever shirt?
  • Oh man... i dont even like to say that S out load... but yeah... there is a great chance that...
  • This is neat! Like a blown-up version of the 1989 woven patch
  • maan its not satanic...tss just twisted my shirt upside down
  • ohhh...man i dont know...you think i got a satanic shirt?
  • Whats that? I cant read that logo... is it a. Band or something?
  • Oh shit.., Again with all the satanic shirts,,,,
  • ha Thanks man!!
  • Good looking! Oh... nice shirt by the way...
  • Good old CC!
  • fucking amazing man!
  • Excellent shirt
  • Great one!!
  • Crazy Bro ! Probably one of your rarest longboxes. It's like you're always finding gold.
  • One of my favorite albums of 1987. The Killer Crossover !
  • Nice !!! Really appreciate your homage to such legendary bands.
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