Metal band : Cradle Of Filth

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Recent Comments

  • Any chance you’d want to sell this?
  • Any chance you’d sell it?
  • Any chance this is for sale?
  • Thanks mate!! Been thinking of putting it on my Aussie kutte, Might upload it and get some opinions.
  • Nice collection. Could you pick your favourite album?
  • Brutal!!
  • Nice pics, How are they live? My mate seen em and said they sounded awful.
  • Most welcome mate, Sounds good to me!!
  • Thanks mate!!
  • Cheers Joel, I do to, will probably use that one on my BT dedication.
  • Nice. I envy your Advent Sorrow Patch. :)
  • Thanks for the flames :-)
  • Love it!
  • My first time I've seen a White Denim jacket... Very unique and everything blends in so well.
  • Wow! Very nice.
  • Amazing. Black/White/Red Color theme centered around Black/Death.


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