Battlejacket update after 4 years!


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Looks nice! Great Pestilence patch!

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Nice little upside down cross from dark funeral :P

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Nice jacket :)

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Looks killer and welcome back to TSS!
Jealous of that Handle with Care circle...

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Welcome back.

Great taste!! Need to track one of those Pestilence patches down...Epic album.

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So good!

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Great battlejacket

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  • Its a great album as well. Its a shame what happened to warrell...
  • Dont know anything of the stuff on the sticker but it seems interesting. Gonna look it up
  • Agreed!
  • Congrats ! A really nice collection !
  • Killer !!!!
  • Not sure man, I would think so. are there different versions per continent?
  • Killer COF pieces!
  • Thx, buy this in Helsinki, in heLLsinki store.
  • Buy this in the carnival costumes store)
  • Nice!
  • thx)
  • thx, rock on!
  • Had one of these couldn’t really get no info on it though
  • Nice don’t see these very often
  • Banned version and edited version nice thanks for posting
  • Australia/Europe version?

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