Battle jacket

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 22:17

hey everyone,

my (mostly) thrash metal jacket, aswell as some patches of black and death metal bands,

took some time managing to cover most of the space on the vest, but i think i did pretty well.
had a lot of fun working on the jacket, and pls dont roast me for the band duplicate patches,
i will try over time to replace some of them with some different bands, to get a bit more diversity.

definitly appreciate some feed back,

greetings from Austria

Not for sale or trade
Battle jacket
Battle jacket

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Recent Comments

  • Cheers mr Sandman
  • Thanks mate. Always wanting more
  • Wow
  • Yes, he is on TSS site.
  • Thanks man but i am afraid these Misanthropy shirts are a bit out of my budget for a single shirt.
  • Yes, yes they are.
  • Can i may ask where you have it from?
  • Good call, if you're interested send me a message!
  • nice!!
  • awesome ls!
  • I had the same shirt but my print washed out in three cleanings, horrible quality.
  • Javisst! Det riktigt lyser julefrid om den haha Tack för elden :)
  • you should also add that this is original from Misanthropy...might go quicker...damn nice LS!
  • Need.
  • Fy vad fin! Med denna kommer du att bli glöggaftonens självklara hårdrockshjälte!
  • Yep, you got that right !!!!
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