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PayPal pay as friend/goods services

Sun, 18/09/2022 - 10:28

Hi there

I just want to try to figure out the basics here.
After reading on the forum I learned that buyers should be paying with Paypal as ”goods and services”, not as friends/family.
Does this guarantee that you can get refunded if you happen to get scammed in any way? Is it then impossible to get refunded if you get scammed and you paid as friends/family?
And why do many sellers ask for payment as friends/family? What is this ”to avoid extra fee” that is so frequently mentioned? Is it easier for scammers to get away when they recieve a friend/family transaction?

Sorry for all these questions.

Kind regards

doctordeath's picture

Yes is the answer.

TSS and other platforms are full of people whining and crying "I sent $300 to some guy I never met before, who isnt even in my country, who I only sent 1 message to, and now he disappeared with my money, please help!!!"

dont be stupid, dont be a victim - never use friends and family

doctordeath's picture

If it's over a $5 patch, then maybe 'friends' and risk it, but what I dont get it is why so many people send _serious_ amounts of cash around without PayPal protection, and then fill up my inbox "please help!!!" but I mean, I can't help it if you're stupid, so it's sort of more about common sense

Yeah PayPal fee's are a bitch, but if you are moving a solid amount of money then.. it's there for your protection, ask the seller to factor in the price.

With Friends/Family you _cannot_ make a claim, and both PayPal *AND* the scammer know this, its good for paypal and the scammer if you use this option

samael6666's picture

So paypal charges a fee on goods and services payments that goes from the amount after payment, essentially making the seller pay them. For me i usually ask it because iv been scammed with a goods and services payment combined with an untracked letter. Basically i have no leverage if the buyer opens a case even if i can prove i sent it. But buyers often dont wanna pay extra for tracked shipping so its a difficult situation

MortalFate's picture

Right on. Fully agreed.

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