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Empyrium - A Wintersunset... 2006

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 00:21

Official "A Wintersunset..." shirt. Released by Prophecy Productions in 2006.

This is the reissue from the 2000s. It's not the first print shirt from the 90s!

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2006
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
Not yet set / Ask
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ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Re-issue or original, it's neat that it's actually official. I really like their logo and artwork, although I never fully enjoyed the songs, I need to check them out more!

Winterblaze's picture

Yes, this shirt is definitely an officially licenced shirt which has been released by the label itself.

If i remember rightly the first print shirt from the 90s has the same design but the frontprint, especially the logo, has a different color.

Maybe anybody can confirm that?!

I recommend you to listen the debut album again. It's the hardest/darkest album and for me the best album of Empyrium!

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

Man that is wonderful. What a wonderful band as well

nameless_rites's picture

The album is beautiful but marred by weak vocals (he got better over the years), but a wonderful shirt and legendary band!

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Recent Comments

  • is this made by razamataz england? looks like it.
  • But they’re all printed in the same year. The standard copyrighted patch would always change it.
  • Maybe slight modifications because the current weaving technology allows for more detail?
  • Crazy catch. I wonder why different version even exist when details are so indifferent.
  • Love how the old ones always had a purple tint to them
  • Allons enfant de la patrie! The French anthem is basically a metal song \m/ Love your vest and the dedicated work!
  • Yeah, I quite like this one. The sparkling Effects is a bit much for my taste but I was aware of that when ordering
  • Yep, from Pull The Plug’s most recent drop
  • I didn't preorder this because I thought it was going to be extremely orange, but holy shit I think it's perfe
  • Yeah I gotta agree, I keep coming back to this one!
  • Have this too. So good! I managed to buy a 'why they hate us' shirt from Steve yrs ago.
  • It's going to start peeling anytime now
  • Great old NWN! embroidered patches. From the Die Hard Pitcure LP, but some were also sold separately.
  • Strange album, but I like it.
  • Same
  • Im glad they came back and continued the key lore... ive loved both nocturnus ad albums