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Slayer is back!!!

Wed, 21/02/2024 - 18:19

Fucking slayer!

no karate in pit's picture


nuclearthrasher666's picture

This "reunion" came at the wierdest time, its was like a week ago the Kerry King revealed his long awaited new solo band and made a bunch of cringeworthy comment about his current relationship with Tom Araya. Also I remeber many cases where both Araya and King's wife ruled out the possibility of a reunion, so wtf ?
If this reunion doesn't include Dave Lombardo (again...) the I can't call it anything else but a shameless cash grab.

bad_american1992's picture

Everybody is hurting for cash in 2024 hahahaha

no karate in pit's picture

inflation do be hitting different but oh well at least i can finally see slayer

bad_american1992's picture

All things considered I'm glad some of the newer fans like yourself will get an opportunity to hear this band live!

no karate in pit's picture

thanks my dude

Insecurity's picture

Yeah…I am one of them XD. Those graduation fees just keep stacking

bad_american1992's picture

Gotta sell me another CD soon hahaha

Insecurity's picture

All of them are gone \m/ had a bunch of cool stuff. Pro-Pain, entombed wolverine blues with the actual wolverine cover, some Danzig and other shit.

MetalNDN's picture

Chicago is about 1800 miles east of where I am. Tickets for general admission is $209 to see the three day festival. I do not have the money to go. It’ll probably sellout because Slayer is performing.

doctordeath's picture

That's like $5 per band or something, looks like great value

Fuck yeh great news!!!!

gorestar's picture

I knew the split up of Slayer wasn’t going to last forever so it’s nice to hear they’re back but not surprising 😂

ThatBillyGuy's picture

I hope they come by me so I can see them!

no karate in pit's picture

you and me both

BRUCE666's picture

This was a VERY welcome shock. The timing caught everybody by surprise. KK has finally unveiled his long awaited and frankly, impressive sounding outfit...and then this?!?!?

I am sure there will be more...not just these two shows...bloody well hope so anyway!

sandmanforce's picture

Slayer is not back. They just made two gig in the USA.

MetalNDN's picture

Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California announced Slayer is playing their festival October 2024. That is 820 miles from my city. That closer than Chicago which is 1800 miles. I will go to the California festival.

slayerslayer's picture

3 dates announced for 2024 .

Sep. 20 - 22, 2024
Chicago, IL
Riot Fest

Sep. 27, 2024
Louisville, KY
Louder Than Life 2024

Oct. 10, 2024
Sacramento, CA
Aftershock 2024

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