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  • I'm kicking myself for not getting some of these. Which ad do you speak of?
  • Verdammt starkes Cover, schön interpretiert im Ruins... Stil. Gefällt mir echt gut! Ja fände ich echt super.
  • Awsome. Have this as a Baseballshirt :)
  • nice In the SIgn of Evil worship
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxUMFgfSDJM
  • Danke schön
  • Great LS!
  • Great hoodie!
  • Man ! That one must sting !
  • Good stuff, The Chasm are great!
  • How much for that Pestilence?
  • Looks pretty cool!
  • Hey man, all good, hope you are too!? Cheers from Germany!
  • Ziemlich sick, od.? Noch langsamer als das Original!! Mann die würd ich auch gern live sehen!
  • Black studs on shoulders would be nice contrast. Love Anticimex too.
  • I remember some years ago someone from England posted re-prints of Deathrow - Riders of Doom promo posters, Celtic Frost

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