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  • I'm from California, but I only went the second day so I didn't see Malignancy.
  • whats this band??
  • ohhhh this is very nice man!!
  • Now your talking man!!
  • Ave Sathanas!!
  • One of the best that I've seen, and the backpatch is...wow!!
  • Killer one!!
  • Just amazing!! Great collection!
  • One of my fav albums from King!!!
  • Amazing!!
  • A masterpiece. Does complete justice for this amazing album
  • Where is the real one then? with my fav bands danger danger and poison...
  • always pleasure to see immo shirts!!
  • Htaed Fo Tluc!!!
  • mmm i ordered all pantera shirts from wild planet but got hypo and bathory....hmmm...not sure what those bands are.
  • yeaah! Thanks for the flames!
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