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  • Tanks a lot !
  • Merci seb :D Il était de l'autre côté avant !
  • Thanks a looot !
  • Merci beaucoup !
  • Cool :) I think this one with the inverted cross might have been exclusive for some few concerts.
  • no jail time for this one for sure :)
  • this is superb!!
  • Hahahaha file under “ decent shirts”
  • The front is just amazing!!!!
  • Contact them, waiting for a reply now. :)
  • That's just awesome, haha!!
  • Ojala logres que los traigan a mexico... estaria muy bien
  • Una joyita
  • Totally agree...also a neutral shirt for going to places where people won't be look at me like i have leprosy...unt
  • aaa i see now...i dont think there are dates on these versions. I just bought this same one in a deadstock store.
  • Fuck yeah
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