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  • Aaah fantastic!!!!!!! what's your favourite on there?
  • This is perfection!
  • Pärlor bland juveler!
  • Wow!!! Best collection of COF tapes I've ever seen!!!
  • That's a really cool shirt and a classic band of course!
  • Thanks for the flames!! Actual signed Burzum merch I think we'd be hard pressed to find, haha...
  • Vilken muskelskjorta!
  • Ahh gamla Soddan! Det blir så klart full eldpotta!
  • Heliga Darkthrone! Eld och lava!
  • Thats a novel, right there! :) His / their twist of designs doesn´t always catch my attention, but this one did.
  • This is one of the sickest jackets I've seen on here. Love the gold/brown patches
  • Thanks! Yep, it is. Ordered the red vinyl, but recieved this instead. Still a nice edition i think :)
  • thanks!
  • ρε συ να σε ρωτησω ... ξερεις σε ποσα αντιτυπα ειχε περιπου βγει ;
  • I too like it, thank you!
  • Great album. I like the design.

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