My vest

Wed, 18/04/2018 - 08:28

Everything is crammed together because I want to fill it to the brim with patches in years to come! :) More on it's way right now including Black Sabbath and Dio!

The Haunt patch was signed (unfortunately in silver sharpie) a couple nights ago when I saw them on their debut tour at The Echo in Los Angeles.

Not for sale or trade
My vest


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  • haha. sounds like a party.
  • Live In Sarpsborg Norway. 28/2, 1990
  • I think I know two guys here who need to get drunk together...somehow everything becomes very clear
  • ..
  • I meant no such intent. I don't plan on selling or showing off.
  • you are correct.
  • thanx and cheers!
  • P.S.
  • Why so self-centered?
  • True for the most part.. But on the other hand it would take only one person to get a great Type O shirt in print!
  • Thank you man! I have a couple more of those too Im probably going to put up for sale on here
  • You are making a bigger fool then I, assuming i know naught this info when clearly I stated why i titled it as such.
  • Damn cool
  • nowadays counts only money, not more ... that's the reason
  • First of all, I know all this. I've done my research and have stated why i titled it what i did.
  • hab ich leider noch nich.......


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