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  • Looks incredible man, 5 stars for the creativity and 5 stars for the painting!
  • What a hell of a pin, fuck yeah!
  • It's not a problem, all the festivals and concert venues here serve beer in cans, I'm up to around 100 already
  • Thanks man! Much appreciated.
  • cool
  • Thank you!! Cheers mates!
  • Missed out on this :( Amazing long-sleeve mate.
  • Ahhhh to small. Amazing shirt.
  • Well yeah comparing it to LAEFS is like picking a favourite child haha cunts just fucked.
  • FYI It's not yellow due to smoking. It's yellow because of oxidation.
  • *hugs Doc* Where did he touch you!!!?
  • I know that but my walkman can to to my PC as MP3s ;)
  • Well that's bum :( If you find some in Australia I can get a package together and post over but best to do next yea
  • Totally agree, will go next to Dismember, thanks bro!
  • Thanks brother :) they were sticky once I got it Huehuehue xD
  • Get two copies haha, no problem, what label Bundy? I'm partial to Rum but the yellow is ass.... Cheers \m/


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