Jacket slight update

Tue, 22/08/2017 - 14:48

Slow progress is being made due to me being very picky with patches and patch buying but hey! :P

Not for sale or trade


Atomicide's picture

nice colour scheme that puts emphasis on BT backshape without making it stand out

avithehead's picture

Thanks man! :D

xero's picture

well the back/sides look great. time to start on the front ;D

avithehead's picture

Thanks dude! And I know right, I gotta buy loads more patches, decide on a layout then I'll get onto the front as soon as possible XD

Nihilistic-Terrorfront's picture

Nice bands and very good look/layout.

avithehead's picture

Thank you very much!

N0ctulius's picture

Sick. Love the Bolt Thrower backpiece and the cone spikes.

avithehead's picture

Thanks a lot!

InfernalOverkiller's picture

Nice one - perfect arranged!

avithehead's picture

Thank you mate, appreciate it!

iodustv7's picture

Dig the Cancer and Bolt Thrower patches. Dope so far.

avithehead's picture

Thank you very much :3

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