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Motörhead Hetfield Inspired Battle Jacket... FINISHED!!

Sat, 01/10/2016 - 17:18

Here's my James Hetfield inspired battle jacket in it's full form! Tell me what you think! Yes I know it's not all Metal and I know there's an Oasis patch on there. Keep those comments to yourself please! Battle Jackets are for bands you love!

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2016
Motörhead Hetfield Inspired Battle Jacket... FINISHED!!
Motörhead Hetfield Inspired Battle Jacket... FINISHED!!

Into Glory Ride's picture

I like the unconventional stitching method in a way and that you chose a different pair of socks for the back than for the front.
Apart from that not really my thing, therefore i won't rate it down.

Goathammer's picture

I think the stitching just makes it look messy myself. And I can't get behind the Oasis and Rise Against patches being on a metal kutte. Also it's kind of pointless to post this and then ask people to be gentle with you, constructive criticism is much better and aides growth, rather than blowing smoke up one anothers asses.

Into Glory Ride's picture

That indeed!

ManInTheBox's picture

It was the Motley Crue patch that got me, just kind of ironic on a Metallica jacket- then again they sold out hard. Other than that some good bands and I'd use a thinner yarn like Vectrex suggested

Into Glory Ride's picture

"then again they sold out hard"


Cosmoblaze's picture

I barely noticed the pair of socks too. LMAO.
Made my day hahaha

Overall not a bad vest. The back patch seems a bit crooked though.

Vectrex's picture

i think the stitching method is cool but i would have used thiner yarn, it would look more savage then.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Does noone recognize the socks?! :O

Goathammer's picture

I did when I saw you mention it I went back and looked, it actually made me laugh pretty hard.

ThE_ED's picture

Let's not talk about all the bands... I mean, I have a hellsongs patch and some others that people keep bugging me about. :)

Although one could argue that it's not that original to look at Hetfield and then do it in that fashion: everyone is looking at others, so; why not? :) The back seems to lean a little bit too much towards the bottom of the vest, but otherwise I love the dedication you've put in to this to make it exactly as you wanted. I know I can't really stick to one thing, be it method of applying or otherwise, ha!


Dude, don't stand on a chair. Nice vest, a little too much Metallica maybe for my taste but overall, I think it's awesome.

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