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Sat, 20/04/2024 - 08:02

Is there a forum that explains the selling, shipping process? Just want to make sure I don't screw anything up lol



a chicken's picture

The long and short of it, at least my experience with all my sales/trades, has been:

-Take clear and decent quality photos of whatever you'd like to sell, front, back, shirt tags, size, copyright, damage, anything you'd look at if you saw it at a thrift store

-Upload it to tss, tag appropriate bands/genres so people can find it easier, and mark it as for sale so people can reach out to you about buying it. A description doesn't hurt either, the more info about an item the merrier

-Wait for someone to message you about the item that they would like to buy it, and talk over the price. Be respectful, polite and cool, like with any other stranger. If you have a price in mind then say it outright, but if you're looking for offers then be clear about that

-Google postage costs to the buyer's country, taking weight of the item into account, as well as if they want a tracking number or not. The buyer usually pays shipping costs

-If ya'll agree on a deal, type your PayPal address so the buyer can pay (Other methods can be used but I STRONGLY recommend paypal goods and services, as its the easiest way to get a refund if either person tries anything stupid) Once you've got the payment confirmed on your end, ask the buyer to type their home/PO box address and postcode for sending the item out

-Package your item securely, get a parcel slightly larger than whatever you're shipping, to avoid the item bursting out. Depending on where you're sending it to/from, you might need to fill out a customs form, don't be afraid to ask your local post office

-Write the buyer's name, address and postcode on the centre of the parcel, (you can google how to format different countries' postcodes, but they should get the idea no matter how you write it) giving space for stickers/stamps

-Give it to the post office for processing, paying whatever necessary postage costs, keep every receipt they give you

-Let the buyer know you've sent the item out, and the tracking number if needed, and ask them to keep in touch when it arrives. Its at this point I transfer ownership of the item on tss, to do that you click on the item's trading settings, and copy+paste the buyer's username in, and now the item should be transferred from your profile to theirs

-Wait however long it takes to arrive to the buyer safely, and you should recieve a positive review on your page^^ reach out to them if you haven't gotten a message or review after a while, it usually takes 1 or 2 weeks for things to arrive, but different countries' postal services can be faster or slower

-Feel damn good about yourself! You conquered uncharted territory, sent something to a fellow metalhead halfway across the world, and earned yourself some cash in the process :D

Hope this helps in some way, I remember feeling super worried when I sent my first hoodie overseas😅 its not as complicated as it seems, but feel free to ask if there's anything else I missed, best of luck!!🤘

Noob's picture

Thank you so much. I sell on ebay and I'm seriously tired of all the idiots out there that troll ebay lol.. the international part of ebay, I don't deal with, thats the buyers part so I wanted to see how it worked here at TSS. If I understood right, it's between the seller and the buyer and Paypal lol.. I know there's taxes and duty fees for international sale, I assume the buyer handles that on their end. I appreciate your help, unfortunately I have to sell my tees :(
I gotta say, I have come across some awesome tees here, ones that I've never seen before which blows my mind. And some that I currently own as well. Anyway, thank you again for your help.. if I do have anymore questions, I'll come lookin for ya man... \m/

a chicken's picture

You're welcome! Yeah it's more a person-to-person bacis for selling/trading, tss is more of an archive than a full on storefront, but there's plenty folks that would be happy to buy em from you🖤🖤 Sorry you're in a position where you have to sell them though, I know the feel😔 still, glad you're enjoying the site so far! Awesome to see more new folks get some use with it, best wishes, catch ya later🍻

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Excellent description, good on ya mate

a chicken's picture

Cheers homie^^ I just think its good to have a step-by-step written down and accessible in the forum, for anyone who's never shipped a shirt/patch before, especially with how many new folks are joining tss. I would have killed for something like that a couple years ago when I started trading xD

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