First Battlejacket

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 16:36

First Battlejacket, I kept a darker Black/Death band theme on the back, with the backpatch dedicated to Watain! I chose this Watain patch because in addition to being a fan of Watain I thought the dominant red was a great contrast to the black. I was considering more square patches above the Watain patch but went for a Burzum logo backpatch instead which stands out nice.

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Great choice with the red back patch, it really stands out and Watain's great so it's worth seeing. For the matter there is nothing but sick bands on here so far, I listen to them all regularly. Weird seeing Immortal in red though, it keeps things unique, I guess.

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Cheers! Yes now that you mention it, it's quite uncommon to see the red Immortal logo but it keeps up with the black/white/red theme. I also have some patches for relatively newer bands like Mgła and Batushka on the front, they're fucking sick as hell, I just wish there was more room on the back!

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BATUSHKA!!!! i've been listening to Litourgiya non stop, such a great band, great vest, lets see the front!

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Fuck yeah!! A friend recommended them a while back, you just can't not listen to that album on repeat for ages on end, so damn epic and those Russian priest vocals are definitely some unique shit to appreciate hahaha!

Nater90's picture

Great start mate! That BP looks epic, Watain are amazing live.

Where about's in 'Strayaaaa you from?

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Cheers man! I'm over in lil' ol' Melbourne mooiittt :) I managed to catch Dragonforce recently which was sick and I've got tickets for the Kreator/Vader and Napalm Death shows coming up later this year for us! Sick times ahead :)

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Oh fuck yeah cobba!!!!!!!! I live in Melbourne too! I'm from Tassie (Chopped my second head off last year!!)

Never been much of a Dragonforce fan but their good at what they do! I'm coming to Kreator / Vader for damn sure, Iffy on Napalm Death people say they suck live but tempted to go just so I can say I've seen em!

But some great gigs this year, Most excited for Paradise Lost.

Yabok's picture

Nice man!! Kreator/Vader is going to be fucking awesome, so damn glad they'll be playing here. I don't listen to much Napalm Death nor grindcore in general but I enjoy ND and their significance as a metal band historically really motivates me to go see them, so that should be sick! I hadn't heard of Paradise Lost before, just listening to The Longest Winter then, sounds awesome! I'll check out more of their stuff and perhaps even go and see em too, cheers for mentioning them!

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Fuck yeah, Keen to see Vader the most!

N.D are epic as, Scum is iconic album!

Oh wow, Paradise Lost have been around many moons! Check out their debut Lost Paradise! All good mate.

VoodooChild's picture

Love it, very curious about the front now

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Thanks man! I've still got a couple patches to put up on the front so once those are stitched up I'll put it up on here! There are a couple bands like Mgla and Batushka I wish I could have put on the back too but they're on the front :)

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Nice, both great bands, although I really disliked Batushka live

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Ah really? That sucks but I guess I could kind of see how that could be the case, I mean Litourgiya's production quality is relatively high as fuck and through imagination alone it's kind of hard to imagine it sounding nearly as good live. But hey I'm sure they looked fucking nice and dark on stage ;)

VoodooChild's picture

they looked dark on stage yes, very dark online light they used was candlelight. I met the vocalist btw, I'm close friends with close friend of him, funny part was he was hanging out with me around the merch stand and the bar and stuff and no one knew it was him ofcourse hahah.

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That is beyond fucking sick dude, what's he like? Obviously a lot of black metal bands are more religiously affiliated with their music's lyrical themes, are Batushka the same in that sense? Or do they just do it more for looks? I always find it more interesting and engaging when bands live by the themes and ideologies present in their music, but either way they're serving their fans performance wise so it's awesome!

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