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Collectors Group : Interesting and unusual shirt tag / labels

This group accepts: 
  • TShirt or Longsleeve
  • Hooded Top / Sweater
Created: 09 August 2020
Linked Posts: 99

Collectors group: Interesting and unusual shirt tag / labels

Interesting and unusual shirt tag / labels!

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Nord_Fantome's picture
Nord_Fantome's picture

Yup! A few of my shirts have that tag as well.

maanelyst's picture

True rare, seen few only and all CoF

Klassfighter's picture

Experince of label ”Printer”?

Ive only seen it on old black metal shirts from Norway and Sweden.

Klassfighter's picture

And the ”Fiend” label ive only seen on COF shirts i think.

maanelyst's picture

Fiend? A lot of late '90 early '00 was printed on. Especially Razamataz shirts

Klassfighter's picture

What info do we got about the label tag ”The Roxx”, i have to shirts at home on the band X Japan shirts.

And ”Thunder” label i think is a pretty recent label like 2005 and ahead.


maanelyst's picture

Had The ROXX at school 2004-2006 but they was made in England. New shirts with this tag made asia.
So there is different shit

Klassfighter's picture
maanelyst's picture

NOpe of course, mid '00

Klassfighter's picture

Interesting fact! I think they were made in the late 90s but also Thailand is a producer of this label or remake. Hard to know, every shirt doesnt have a copyritght either.

maanelyst's picture

All of them are bootlegs
https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/emperor-lonsleeve mine from mid '00
There was same ROXX tag but made in England

Klassfighter's picture

Okey good to know! Thanks for the info mate!