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Collectors Group : Ugly Patches

This group accepts: 
  • Patch
  • Pin / Badge
Created: 21 November 2021
Linked Posts: 162

Collectors group: Ugly Patches

Nothing to Say ...If you think it is ugly

In this group...

  • Patch - original Venom - Black Metal Back Patch
  • Patch - EXODUS `` Good friendly violent fun `` patch
NatassjaInEternalSleep's picture

I think this group is insulting by letting any a-hole add whatever they think is 'ugly' here.

I get it, some people really like or hate certain patches, even if they look amazing to another person.

Though, I think it's very rude not to ask a person if they can add their 'ugly patch' to this group without their permission. That is just plain discourteous.

Try to keep the idea fun, not offensive to others. I am not pleased a patch in which I had plans to work on is added here, and will stay here no matter what I do to to the patch.