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Queensryche Please stop!

Tue, 17/11/2020 - 21:08
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
Not yet set / Ask
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Queensryche Please stop!

Contraceptron's picture

Hahahaha oh man

kingdomofhannover's picture

Made my day man!:)

doctordeath's picture

ahahahaha ahhh TSS makes me laugh sometimes


frontface's picture

nnNNOOOOoooo!! Is the Queensryche apocalypse!!
Motherfuckinchrist I struggled to find my post after another Queensryche Zumani!! Jesus

frontface's picture

I’m going launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! Haha

GoreGrinder666's picture

Keep me posted! You should have the back be all the shirts

Antonio's picture

LOL.. post of the year !!

GoreGrinder666's picture


doctordeath's picture

hey can you email me the font you used? or tell me? doctordeath@tshirtslayer.com

GoreGrinder666's picture

Mind sending me a link also?

nosws4me's picture

I'm gonna post mine when I get home lol thanks

frontface's picture

I'm flattered! now I know how an Oscar-winning actress feels!
I need one for sure now. Can you send it one on a simple letter to Italy?

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Recent Comments

  • Sehr schön! Woher ist das Cover der Dawn Of Martyrdom Picture LP? Sehe ich damit zum ersten Mal.
  • Wow! This looks absolutely amazing! The back is a work of art!
  • cheers!
  • The bands are already on the sleeve. Seems a bit redundant to me. Most would probably disagree with me tho.
  • On instagram, maybe organised the trade about last week-ish finally arrived yesterday
  • I wish, I'm somewhere in the middle, just think its interesting to see what the band see's after a show
  • Weird take, seems the only reason some shirts don't have a backprint is because a 3 sided ls is cheaper than a 4.
  • So awesome!
  • I love it man, I just can’t stand the record company logo blasted all big on the back.
  • Never seen one
  • Sickkk
  • Sick
  • Sick
  • Would have looked better without the back print imo
  • Dude! No fucking way where’d you score one?
  • Insane