Metallica Islanders Jersey

Thu, 18/05/2017 - 22:49


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Metallica Islanders Jersey
Metallica Islanders Jersey


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Wow! On which occasion was it released?

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It was sold at their show at the new Coliseum on Long Island last Wednesday the 17th. I know for a fact I typed the year as 2017, i think there's a glitch with tss because it always changes the date back to 2016 for all my shirts

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Thanks for the info. Yeah, it's a frequent glitch on here. It appears as 2017 on my end though.

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I went to see them when they stopped by Philadelphia days ago and it was so neat they did the same thing but for the Philadelphia eagles style shirt. But I think this is a cool shirt even though I'm not a hockey person.

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yeah i love the team-themed merch! I went to the show in Mass on Friday night and they had Pats themed shirts that said "deflate this!" lol but anyway thank you, I can't wait to wear this to a game!

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  • Yeah over here in the states we usually found Tour dates versions. I had to order one from England to get this version
  • Great shirt dude and i have one myself. Line was toooooo long
  • Thanks man, for sure one of my favorite MA albums and shirt as well
  • Total design ripoff from https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/black-flag-0
  • My favorite Morbid album. That print looks insane! The reliefs pop right off the shirt.
  • Yeahhh man.
  • Its a great album as well. Its a shame what happened to warrell...
  • Dont know anything of the stuff on the sticker but it seems interesting. Gonna look it up
  • Agreed!
  • Congrats ! A really nice collection !
  • Killer !!!!
  • Not sure man, I would think so. are there different versions per continent?
  • Killer COF pieces!
  • Thx, buy this in Helsinki, in heLLsinki store.
  • Buy this in the carnival costumes store)
  • Nice!

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