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Mayhem x Deathlike Silence Productions - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas shirt

Sun, 19/12/2021 - 06:29

The True Mayhem

Got this second hand, any info may be incorrect. Feel free to correct any errors.

DSP = Deathlike Silence Productions

Back features Attila, Euronymous & Hellhammer.

Varg/Count Grishnackh/Burzum is not on the back, as he was a session member.

Rear art from the disc art.

This pink version is a bit rarer than the purple or blue colorways.

Plastic head copyright.

Willing to trade for the long sleeve.

Trade Only

Year: 2010
TShirt tag: 
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
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Mayhem x Deathlike Silence Productions - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas shirt
Mayhem x Deathlike Silence Productions - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas shirt

hopeiw's picture

not bootleg font - ok i was wrong :D

George21's picture

Plastic Head made these in 2010 if i remember correctly, they were still available on Ebay until very recently for 12£
They're not bootlegs but not something valuable at the same time too

doctordeath's picture

ah ok! interesting!

AskingAOC's picture

Pretty sure Hot Topi c did the US ones and Plastic Head did the UK/Euro ones

George21's picture

I'm pretty sure that your shirt has a 2010 Mayhem PHD copyright underneath letter S at the back

AskingAOC's picture

"PH1066" I think you're right. I do know HT had a variant around this time in stores.

Kinda crazy how many of these there are in the US, I would have assumed there was a US specific distributor because there's know way that many people payed for international shipping. Or maybe I'm just a dumbass

George21's picture

If i wouldn't be sure 100% i wouldn't have commented about it.

hopeiw's picture

PH1066 is like a serial number? what does the numbers mean?

AskingAOC's picture

Guessing it's an internal product code.

"(C) Mayhem 2010 PH1066"

George21's picture

Product number

AskingAOC's picture

Why do you say that?

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