Even better with a good bottle of french red wine

Seb JesterTue, 24/04/2018 - 20:04

My collection of French records, except like Miteux the Cauchemar.
I collect this since few years
All originals except :
- the 2 LP of Venin,
- One of the twice Voodoo Child
- Anthracite
- Mercyless LP
- Trust eponyme
Many old school stuff and few more recent. Not all my collection, some records still on the shelf like skelethal, Necrowretch, deadly sins, ...

I'm from the south of France and I'm proud to listen some bands like Attentat Rock, Venin, and more recently Alcest, also originating from the mediterranean area of France

I advise you to listen to these old school records of hard French if it is not done yet

Good listening guys and Hail to Devil's records!

Not for sale or trade

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  • You are funny man....;-) i asked first, but nobody has a credit card...haha...
  • ...Methorn mailorder-Germany
  • I agree :)
  • Very nice job! Not sure how well Boston fits the theme though. :P
  • totally agree
  • Super awesome artwork on this one \m/
  • what about ask a buddy to order it for you? or you dont own any friends? :)
  • I know it mate , thx....BUT they only accept credit cards( don't own one),, no PayPal....
  • not sure about the design tho... looks a little copy+paste some clipart and randomly place the band logo?
  • google.. http://www.victorymerch.com/store/sistersin/tshirts any good?
  • https://www.nervengas.com/Textilien/fuer-Maenner/T-Shirts/Nachtfalke-KKE-T-Hemd::1402.html
  • Is still available. Nervengas Versand
  • Rammsteiiiin !!!
  • Fuckin‘ awesome
  • woah
  • comparing with some of the older originals here, it looks perfect!

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