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hand-embroidered EXODUS patch

Sat, 13/02/2010 - 09:33

When I started my Kutte in July 2009, I decided that I wanted a cover patch from Exodus' Tempo of the Damned album (btw: knows anyone what the title should mean? thx! ;-) ), but the only Exodus cover patch that exists is the one from Bonded by Blood (or at least there was no trace of another one in the whole internet). So I had to make it by myself!

I printed out the artwork and traced the outlines of the main one-colored areas on a piece of paper and colored them. Then I traced the outlines on the piece of cloth that would become the patch in the end (I cut it out of a shopping bag), stole the threads from my mother and just started.

Well, if I had known how long it would take I had thought about it twice, but once I had started I had no other coice but finish it! And by the end of January it was finally done.

Unfortunately the patch had many "mountains and valleys", it was very contorted because I didn't use a tentering frame, so I put it between two pieces of wood and into a vice. Then I ironed a piece of drapery with textile-glue on it on the back of the patch and finally sewed it on my Kutte.

I put it on the neck of the vest because by chance it had the perfect size; unfortunately it will be covered by hair in the end... ;-) By now only the upper third is covered, but so what, neck-patches are doomed to be covered by hair! :-D

Btw: If someone breaks into your house and doesn't leave any fingerprints, it could be me using only thumb, index- and middle finger of my right hand, there's not much left of the finger tips thanks to patch-embroidering and -sewing!

I hope the explanation is understandable, I had to look up every third word in leo.org because I never had to use textile terms before.

UPDATE March 2012: I straightened the borders and added a nice border with the sewing machine.

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Year: 2010

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